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This is a beginner's guide that will explain the things one should be aware of if they are planning to use a Ledger hardware wallet in the future. Ledger Live is a wallet that manages crypto assets with utmost security. Over 4 million traders have shown their trust in this wallet which has not been broken yet. So, without waiting any further let us dive into the journey of knowing more about Ledger Live wallet.

What are the features of Ledger Live?

The hardware wallet has expanded its services to increase the reach of its wallet among traders. And with the launch of its software application, the wallet was able to surely able to reach its end goal. Let us get to know how is it so:

How to get started with the Ledger Live wallet mobile application?

The users who want to use this application with their mobiles should follow the instructions below:

Your Ledger Live Wallet application installed on your mobile device is now synced with the desktop application of Ledger Live.

Concluding Thoughts!

After you have performed the steps in a similar manner as described above, you would be able to access your hardware wallet account easily from your mobile phone. And it does not mean that you cannot access it through your desktop if you want to. It simply means that your Ledger Live application install on both the devices is synced with each other and is easily accessible.